Frank Moss Courthouse Renovation
Salt Lake City, Utah
Under Construction
Salt Lake City, Utah
Under Construction

The scope of this project involved restoring the historic walnut-paneled walls and the original ornamental ceilings to their original design. Integral to the renovation were upgrades to the lighting and mechanical systems. An analysis of the rooms was also performed, and finishes were adjusted to improve acoustics. The fourth-floor renovation created a new courtroom and judges’ chambers within the historic court building. To achieve the lighting criteria and district courtroom ceiling height requirements, the design incorporated a covered ceiling between the existing courthouse roof trusses. High-quality and intricately detailed custom millwork was designed for the judge, deputy clerk, witness, and jury benches, as well as decorative guardrails and seating.

General Services Administration
350 South Main Street
Salt Lake City, Utah
Alan J. Camp
GSA Project Manager, Property Development
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