Career Tech High School
St. George, Utah
Washington County School District
St. George, Utah
126,607 sf

The new Career Tech High School in St. George, Utah, is the first standalone career and technical education (CTE) school in the state. This state-of-the-art educational facility, which opened its doors to approximately 550 students in August 2023, is a testament to innovation and purpose-driven design and construction. 

Career Tech High School offers eight pathways, including business, construction, culinary arts, engineering, education, graphic design, health science, and information technology, for students to pursue. The design prioritizes functionality, creating a dynamic environment where students can explore their chosen fields with purpose and passion. 

In collaboration with Washington County School District, NWL Architects successfully translated the vision inspired by schools in Houston and Las Vegas into a tangible space that fosters collaboration and career-focused education. The administration's dedication to building a unique tradition and culture within the school is complemented by the forward-thinking design.

Career Tech High School embodies excellence in architectural design and construction, redefining the educational landscape with a facility that inspires, educates, and prepares the next generation for success. 


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