Cedar High School Addition and Remodel
Cedar City, Utah
Iron County School District
Cedar City, Utah
13,200 new sf

The addition and remodel at Cedar High School was accomplished in two phases. Phase one included construction of new administration, new counseling and new band room areas. This added approximately 33,200 square feet to the existing building. Phase one also included construction of a new ground source loop field sized to accommodate the entire building including the new areas as well as the original. Phase one was completed in August 2010. The cost of construction for this phase was approximately $8 million.  Phase two of the project included remodeling the existing administration, counseling and band room areas. The existing administration area was modified to accommodate the mild/moderate special needs classrooms. The existing counseling area was newly arranged to become the severe special needs classrooms. Phase two was completed in January 2011, at a cost of $2 million.