Edison Elementary School Replacement
Salt Lake City, Utah
Salt Lake City School District
Salt Lake City, Utah
87,000 sf

Great schools produce even greater students, and at Edison Elementary, innovative design paves the way for student success at every step of the educational journey. Located west of downtown Salt Lake City, the 87,000-square-foot, two-story replacement school was an efficient solution for the Salt Lake City School District both in its streamlined design and its cost-effectiveness. With well-planned phasing and programming, NWL’s design ensured minimal disruption to education while the new school was being built. Students were able to attend school and use the fields during the school’s construction, and the school was designed so the district could control access to the classroom area of the building and facilitate public use of the gym after hours. The school’s design also maximizes the use of natural daylight for all educational spaces, fostering efficiency and student wellbeing, while secure entry and classroom lockdown control doors ensure a safe learning environment for all. The school and expanded playfields and parking were completed in fall 2019 before the school year began.