Murray High School
Murray, Utah
Murray City School District
Murray, Utah
280,000 sf

Murray High School accommodates 1600 students in approximately 280,000 square feet. Its three story construction preserved critical green space for P. E. activity. Its economical structure is made up of both load bearing concrete masonry and a steel frame. A lower cost metal skin is used on the upper levels where durability is not as critical. All the classrooms enjoy natural light and are heated and cooled by individual classroom heat pumps, giving teachers individual control of their classroom. It has proven to be a great place of learning.  Its interiors are flooded with natural light and enlivened by the careful application of color and texture. Localized heating and cooling, provided by individual ground source heat pumps, gives teachers individual control of their classrooms.  Finishes throughout the building are durable and easy to maintain, and integrally colored and polished concrete floors hold up well to the heavy traffic they see.  Beautiful red masonry, a light metal skin and tinted blue glass define the exterior aesthetic. 


2005 Public School Project of the Year - AGC Utah Chapter 2005 Excellence in Masonry - Utah Masonry Council 2005 Merit Award - Sustainable Design - AIA Utah Chapter 2005 International Illumination Design Award - IID Utah Chapter