Hurricane High School Addition and Renovation
Hurricane, Utah
Washington County School District
Hurricane, Utah
232,000 sf

The renovation of Hurricane High School replaced approximately 80% of the existing school facility. Constructed on a fairly tight existing site, the new classroom wing rises three stories and provides state of the art technology interface. The beautiful new school is constructed of load bearing concrete and masonry, with steel joist and deck making up the roof structure. The colorful play in the masonry and metal siding reflect colors found in the neighboring landscape. The full spectrum of academic curriculum is supported by the new facility. The new Hurricane High School physical education complex consists of a main arena that seats 1500, an auxiliary gym for practice, weight training facilities, dance room, aerobic exercise facilities and an indoor running track. The main court space is designed to accommodate both basketball and volleyball events. The seating arrangement consists of both fixed and telescopic sections.  Patrons enter the seating from both the main court level and the mezzanine track level. Mechanical HVAC systems are supported by heat pumps and a geo-exchange loop field.