Washington Fields Intermediate School
Washington, Utah
Washington County School District
Washington, Utah
140,000 sf

Proud home of the Chargers, Washington Fields was designed as a prototypical intermediate school for Washington County School District, a long-time client of NWL Architects. A growing suburb of St. George, Utah, Washington is located just northeast of the metropolitan area and shares the same dusty red desertscape and sweeping views of its neighboring urban hub. Part of those impressive views are the verdant fields that provide a striking contrast to the surrounding red desert hills and cliffs and for which Washington Fields Intermediate School is named. With its desert-hued concrete cladding interwoven with ample metal windows, this aesthetically aligned school fits right in with the beauty of the surrounding landscape. The 140,000-square-foot school accommodates approximately 1,000 6th and 7th grade students and is comprised of a two-level floor plan that breaks down into smaller subsets, each with eight classrooms. Each eight-classroom cluster is supported by a breakout activity center, a technology hub or computer room, teacher work rooms, teacher preparation and storage rooms, and student restrooms. This carefully planned configuration allows for complete separation or integration of the two grade levels and allows for looping or self-contained curriculums. The music, theater, technology, and physical education support spaces were each designed to provide a unique and engaging learning environment, ensuring that as the Chargers charge ahead into the future, they will have an innovative, educationally supportive facility supporting them every step of the way.