Lehi High School
Lehi, Utah
Alpine School District
Lehi, Utah
243,367 sf

Utah is renowned for its rich pioneer history, and NWL Architects is a pioneer in designing state-of-the-art schools that outlast the test of time. Combine the two, and the new Lehi High School is born. This project required careful phasing and planning so that students could continue working while new paths were being paved—both literally and figuratively—for their future success. The main entrance and performing arts complex of the 243,367-square-foot school were configured to face Lehi City’s historic Main Street, improving the school’s community connection, accessibility, design cohesion, and cultural presence. Phased classroom construction was carefully executed while the physical education and athletics facilities were grouped with ample parking adjacent to the fields. The school’s revamped design helps reinforce the Alpine School District as a leader in innovative K-12 building design while earning Lehi High School’s students a reputation akin to that of The Beehive State’s industrious founders.