Juniper Systems West Addition
North, Logan, Utah
Juniper Systems
North, Logan, Utah
60,000 sf

Juniper Systems proposed adding approximately 60,000 square feet of office manufacturing to the west of their existing facility on 1700 North in Logan Utah. The property this new facility sits on extends from the existing facility west to 1200 West. The dimensions for the property are approximately 336’ wide by 740’ long. The addition is 2 storys and houses a new manufacturing fl oor of 25,000 square feet, new shipping and receiving and a new main entry and front door to this facility. The new project extends west from the existing building 210’. A drive for delivery and fi re protection is looped around the facility as well. The new building is masonry construction, glass fenestration. Equipment for the construction of this building included heavy machinery and cranes for setting off the steel roof structure. All activity was within the new project area and within the buildable areas once the ½ acre of wetlands have been mitigated.