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Legacy_Exterior_North_02_Morning Light
Legacy_Exterior_West Plaza
Legacy_Exterior_West Playground
Legacy_Exterior_South Play Area
Legacy_INT_Media Center
Legacy_INT_Main Office
Legacy_INT_Media Center Desk
Legacy_INT_Gym and Stage
Legacy_INT_Class Room
Legacy_INT_Break Room

Legacy Elementary School

Located on an urban infill site adjacent to the Dixie Sun Bowl, this new facility features state-of-the-art learning studios, special-ed rooms, media center with computer lab and a multi-purpose room enlarged to accommodate after-hours community athletic and social/civic events. Legacy Elementary School is a Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade Spanish dual language immersion school, built as a replacement building for the former East Elementary School, originally constructed in 1956.  Working in conjunction with the City of St. George and Dixie State University.



Legacy Elementary


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